SCA - Sociedade Comercial de Alumínios, Lda., located in Nogueira e Silva Escura, Maia, has as main activity the commercialization of aluminum profiles and accessories.

Currently, SCA Alumínios Lda. has warehouses in Maia and Braga, strategically located for a better coverage of the entire northern part of Portugal, and has a little more than 20 employees.

Over the years of existence, SCA Alumínios Lda. tried to follow a strategy for quality, counting on a global policy of quality incessant demand in its products, services, processes and ethical behavior.

The positioning of SCA Alumínios Lda, aimed at innovation, has been traced to the development of new products, in order to keep up with the new needs and trends that arise in the market. For this we have several products adapted to all the needs, and diverse solutions for the most varied requirements.

SCA has been distinguished by IAPMEI as PME Líder since 2009, after which it has also become an APCER certified company, complying with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001: 2008.

SCA profiles are certified for anodizing - Qualanod - and lacquering - Qualicoat - ensuring quality of this form certified in the surface treatment of their products.



SCA recently carried out a renovation of some of its spaces, interior and exterior, and now has a new public service area, where it has an entrance hall and waiting room for access to the company's reception.





Additionally, the new showroom, which is accessed through the new entrance, is in the final stages of completion, where some of the window and door models, which can be assembled with the materials sold by SCA, will be exhibited.



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