ISO 9001 is the most widely used management system standard worldwide, and is the international reference for the Certification of Quality Management Systems.

The adoption of a Quality Management System is, according to ISO 9001, a strategic decision by the Organization, that is, taken at the highest level of decision to serve a specific purpose and obtain results.

By addressing the ability to satisfy customers' needs and expectations, increase their satisfaction through a management system and improve the Organization's overall performance, ISO 9001 is based on the fundamental purpose of the existence of an Organization.

Thus, and in order to improve its competitiveness and guarantee the quality of its services, SCA Alumínios, Lda. obtained in 2009 the certification of its Quality System, which attests to SCA's capacity for the commercialization of metal profiles, accessories and related equipment for civil construction, complying with the then ISO 9001-2008

In 2015, the most recent update to the ISO9001 norm was launched - ISO 9001:2015 - whose requirements were applied to SCA Alumínios Lda., And which has been complied year after year, with renewals certified by audits carried out by APCER - Associação Portuguesa de Certificação.


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