Blacksmith Management Software

In order to facilitate and help the work of the blacksmith, SCA and its partner Gesfacil joined in order to guarantee a management tool for aluminum window frames.

The Gesfacil is a professional management software dedicated to managing budgets for aluminum frames, production (allows connection with CNC machining / cutting centers), CE Marking and Energy Efficiency labels and product management, among other options.

The Gesfacil it is also licensed in Portugal to function as the company's management / billing software.

The strong investment in this software, which has become an indispensable tool for our client, allows us to maintain a complete and always up-to-date database of SCA articles and systems, thus offering added value to all our clients, with guaranteed assistance. , technical support and continuous formation.



Marcação CE de portas e janelas exteriores

The apposition of the CE Marking on the exterior doors and windows is the evidence given by the manufacturer that these products are in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation, allowing them to move freely within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The apposition of the CE Marking it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or its agents or authorized representatives established in the EEA, and must be applied following the application of the mechanisms described in the Construction Products Regulation. The CE Marking (CE Logo) must be affixed in a visible, easily legible and indelible form, on the windows and / or exterior doors themselves, on a label attached to it, on its packaging or on accompanying commercial documents.

The CE Marking it is intended to allow the free movement of products in the EEA, thus distinguishing itself from the voluntary brands of Quality, whose main objective is the valorization and differentiation of products on the market. In parallel with the CE Marking national or other brands can be affixed, as long as they do not reduce the visibility or legibility of the brand and do not mislead as to its meaning and graphics.

Mandatory since February 2010, the responsibility for CE Marking is the manufacturer of the frames. However, and aware of the technical knowledge that this standard requires, SCA has in place all the necessary means so that its customers can guarantee the CE Marking of frames made with SCA materials.

For more detailed information about the CE Marking contact our technical department, or your commercial.

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