The XS-160 HI system is a high-end sliding system with excellent thermal, acoustic and improved structural strength.

This sliding system, designed for the elevable system and large Windows (up to 400 kg per sheet), has and excellent sliding, opening and closing maneuverability, and excellent sealing behavior with perimeter permeability through seals, and series-specific hardware.

However, this series is also prepared for the conventional sliding system, making it a multipurpose system, and a great solution to the demands of architecture.

It allows the execution of bicolor windows, with different colors for exterior and interior, and the movable rims are designed to receive glass with thickness up to 48mm (without seals).

One of the greatest features of this series is the injection, between polyamides, of a specifically designed for the purpose insulating foam, that substantially improves thermal performance and therefore energy efficiency.

Air Permeability
Water Permeability
Wind Resistance
Acoustic Attenuation (Rw)
25 dB
Thermal Transmission (Uw)
1,50 W/m².k

Technical Sheets



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